Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hamburg - Sunday, 17 September

This will be the last of the travel blog for the Teutonia Chorreise. It was our last full day in Hamburg before we go our separate ways. It was a gift to be able to sleep a bit longer this morning since our hotel departure was not until 10:00. Some opted to get up earlier and get to the Fish Markt that opened at 6:00.

Some opted to go to the city center and spend the day; others chose to go to the Miniatur Wunderland. The Wunderland is an incredible 3 level exhibit of areas of the world in miniature. Words just can't explain or describe the detail in the scenes or the action figures. Just a couple of pics from the exhibit.

We were all to meet at the Inner Lake before heading off for a Reeperbahn walk.

It certainly was eyeopening to see the number of places that offered erotic experiences. The men actually got to walk down Herbertstraß, where the prostitutes sit in windows and where women are forbidden to go. The report back was that all the windows were filled with women texting, at least that was what those who waited were told. We also were able to see the Star Club where the Beatles made their Hamburg debut.

A short walk to the Fischerhaus for our farewell dinner of tomato soup, schnitzel, and French fries.

By the time you read this most of the choir will be home. It was a wonderful trip. Thanks so much to Willi and all those who helped organize it.